• Organic farming preserves soil fertility and
    bio-diversity ensuring sustainability for a better future
  • Every time you buy organic, you are persuading more farmers to grow organic
  • Organic food is not a short term Diet but it’s a long term lifestyle change

GroOrganic story

The journey started in 2016 when both the partners Keshab and Ajay, after coming back from Africa, jointly started organic food venture “GroOrganic”. While traveling in tribal villages of Maharashtra and Orissa they saw farmers life very closely. It triggered their urge to uplift the farmers livelihood and economic condition. They also noticed that the small farmers earn very low income as maximum income share goes to the multiple middlemen in the farm to market linkage..read more

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Our Motto

Healthy Farm:
Organic farm is a gift of nature to mankind. Organic farming practices preserve the environmentand avoid use of synthetic chemicals, including growth stimulants, pesticides and antibiotics. Organic food is pure and healthier as it has less pesticide residue, more nutrients and fewer harmful bacteria than conventionally grown food.

Healthy People:
Healthy farm provides healthy food and healthy food leads to healthy people.We propose combining solutions developed by our ancestors with current innovations in Agro-technology to achieve significant results in sustainable agriculture.

Healthy Nation:
A nation’s culture resides in the heart and in the health of its people. For a nation to become strong and healthy we need to enrich our health and values with dreams for a great nation. Healthy people are the real wealth for any nation travelling on a developmental path.

Our Commitment

Connected to Roots

Organic farming is an integrated farming method that promotes traditional farming and connects us to the roots of our traditions. Organic farming embraces ancient farming methods to produce crops with a high quality and export potential.

Healthy Food

Organic farming practices preserves the environment and avoid synthetic chemicals, including pesticides and antibiotics. Organic food is healthier than conventional food as it has less pesticide residue, more nutrients or fewer harmful bacteria.

Market support

We intend to provide the up-to-date information on available market requirements for Indian organic products, trends of the organic market and market access for both domestic and international markets.

Blend Of Traditional & Modern Techniques

We propose combining solutions developed by our ancestors with contemporary technological innovations to achieve significant results in sustainable agriculture.

GroOrganic Model

GroOrganic aims to significantly reduce the number of middlemen and connect the farmers to retail and export markets through "Integrated and Market-linked Sustainable Agriculture (IMSA)" model. In the IMSA model, FPOs are formed to assist the farmers for organic farming and to caryout the processing, packing and storage. GroOrganic will buy the processed/milled products from the farmers at a premium price which will help farmers to earn more income. IMSA Model will also create the employment for the young entrepreneurs who manages the FPOs.

Why Organic Food?

The Food grown without use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides is known as organic food. It is considered to be a healthier choice as it is grown in a natural way. Organic food also has better taste andhigher nutritional value as compared to conventional food.Organic food not only promises good health but also a brighter future for the journey towards a sustainable planet.

Global Market

Global Organic food market is rising at 10-12% per year, with the current market valued USD 100 billion (2016-17). It is further expected to increase to USD 138 billion in 2020 and USD 232 billion in 2025-26. USA is the leader having 50% of global market share...read more

Indian Market

Organic food consumption is a trend in the western countries and is now being adopted in the Asian markets especially in India and China. In India, metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Pune have the biggest demand...read more

GroOrganic Product

Organic Certification

Organic certification is necessary and important before bringing the organic products to the markets. Government of India has launched the National Program for Organic Production (NPOP), which deals with the accreditation programme for Certification Bodies, the standard for organic production and promotion of organic farming.read more

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