About Us

Who We Are

The journey started in 2016 when both the partners Keshab and Ajay, after coming back from Africa, jointly started organic food venture “GroOrganic”. While traveling in tribal villages of Maharashtra and Orissa they saw farmers life very closely. It triggered their urge to uplift the farmers livelihood and economic condition. They also noticed that the small and marginal farmers earn very low income as maximum income share goes to the multiple middlemen in the farm to market linkages.

GroOrganic AgriVentures formed in September, 2016 with the mission of delivering benefits to both, farmers and consumers.

The Company

GroOrganic AgriVentures LLP is a startup company registered in September 2016. Adhering to rigid quality control measures and stringent timelines, we are committed to offer the foremost quality products to our clients within specific time period. We procure raw materials such as cereals, pulses, spices, dry fruits, oilseeds and beverages from renowned FPO’s, NGO’s and Suppliers with certified organic food products to assure the production of fresh and unadulterated products. Our products are well examined on various parameters of quality, quantity, flavor and packing before every delivery. We also provide well equipped transport and warehousing services to guarantee regular protection of the products from heat, dampness, dust, adulterants and others.

All food products supplied by GroOrganic are versatile, natural in test and undergone strict quality control. The high nutritional value, low fat content, easy digestibility, and above all the seal of quality give our products an enviable stature. GroOrganic is a certified organic company by ECOCERT as per NPOP standards of India and NOP standards of USDA. We are committed for social and economic upliftment of organic farmers and delivery of highest quality of organic products to the consumers.We take every care in procuring the genuine organic products with no compromise on quality.

Our Objectives

GroOrganic AgriVentures LLP is committed to work for small and marginal farmers by introducing them to organic farming. We aim to bring the small and marginal farmers into mainstream agriculture and connect them to global food markets. We have a firm commitment to sustainability of farms and environment, farmer’s welfare and providing best quality organic food to consumers. We are committed to supply healthy, nutritious and quality organic products backed by a reliable business philosophy that fosters trust among consumers in our products.


To become number one trusted brand and global supply chain company in the organic food farm-to-retail sector.


Empowering small and marginal farmers to become agriculture entrepreneurs and linking them to domestic and global markets.


Sustainability / Quality / Transparency / Environmental Safety

Core Team

Keshab Chaudhuri

Founder and CEO

Dr. Ajay Deore

Co-Founder and Agri-technologist

Gangadhar Chavan


Sougata Ghosh


Team Expertise

The core pillars of GroOrganic are the competent team behind it working together with common objective to help farmers in organic farming and post-harvest management (processing, milling, packing, transport).

GroOrganic team consists of group of professionals, who have worked in large scale agricultural projects in India and Africa as well as FMCG, Pharma and Life Science business in the fields of Farming Technology, Crop Management, Farm Mechanisation, Agro-Supply Chain, Export-Import Logistics, Products Development, Total Quality Management (T.Q.M.).

GroOrganic Model

GroOrganic aims to significantly reduce the number of middlemen and connect the farmers to retail and export markets through "Integrated and Market-linked Sustainable Agriculture (IMSA)" model. In the IMSA model, FPOs are formed to assist the farmers for organic farming and to caryout the processing, packing and storage. GroOrganic will buy the processed/milled products from the farmers at a premium price which will help farmers to earn more income. IMSA Model will also create the employment for the young entrepreneurs who manages the FPOs.